Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 4th Box Score Ephemera

In yesterday's Cubs-Pirates game, both teams made it into the 9th inning with a combined total of 3 hits. It didn't end up that way (as long as Carlos Marmol closes for the Cubs, it will NEVER end up that way). It made me wonder how many games have ended with that few hits between the two teams. Using the Play Index feature at baseball-reference.com:
16 occasions had teams have combined for 3 hits, the most recent being San Diego and the LA Dodgers on July 9th, 2011
5 occasions had teams combine for 2 hits, worthy of specific mention:
Detroit vs. Baltimore, April 30th, 1967--Steve Barber and Stu Miller combined to no-hit the Tigers--and lost 2-1
Baltimore vs. Kansas City, September 12th, 1964
Baltimore vs. Chicago White Sox, June 21st, 1956
Cleveland vs. St. Louis Browns, April 23rd, 1952
Cincinnati vs. Chicago Cubs, May 2nd, 1917--Fred Toney no-hit the Cubs 
You read that right--four of the five instances involved the Orioles or their precursor the Browns.

There has been ONE game in MLB history (or at least since 1916) in which the teams combined for one hit:
Chicago Cubs vs. LA Dodgers, September 9th, 1965--yes, it's Sandy Koufax's perfect game, and no one remembers or cares that the Cubs pitcher (Bob Hendley) threw a one-hitter. To the victor goes the spoils.

My other point regards the A's 8-2 defeat of the Mariners. I noticed the A's only had 29 at-bats and thought that 8 runs was pretty good in that number of at-bats, even when considering they only came to bat in 8 innings. I checked, and it's not as great as I thought, but it's still not bad--since 1916, to get to teams that scored 8 runs in 29 AB goes down to 118 games on the list, not bad when you consider that there have been 15,995 games in which teams had 29 AB in that time span, so that puts them in the top 1% (take note you straggling Occupy Wall Street protesters that missed the news that your movement is over).

52 teams managed to score in double digits with 29 AB, with 5 making it as high as 13 runs. They're worth showing:

It makes perfect sense, but it would appear that with a large amount of walks, runs can be scored in the absence of at-bats. And since it screams out, has any team ever had more than 18 walks in a game? Believe it or not, four other teams have walked 18 times in a game, and one team managed to outdo that, which deserves its own table as well:

It must be noted that those Senators (the modern-day Rangers) needed 20 innings to attain those 19 walks--the 1948 Indians managed to do it in 9 innings.

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